Welcome to Khushi Macarons

Khushi Macarons offer a modern, luxury alternative to gifting traditional South Asian sweets. Our macarons offer a fusion twist to a beautiful French delicacy, bringing an experience of Parisian indulgence delivered to your door.

We hand-craft each of our macarons with the finest and freshest ingredients and take pride in our attention to detail to ensure that every macaron meets our high standards. All Khushi Macarons treats are made with high-quality Belgian Chocolate and are gluten-free.

Khushi Macarons

Our Journey

Khushi Macarons was created in 2020 when we felt there was a need for a more contemporary, luxury brand to Asian sweets.

So why Khushi? The word Khushi originates from Sanskrit and means “happiness”, “joy” or “delight”. Macarons are beautiful jewel-like treats and a colourful delight for both the eyes and tastebuds. We want to bring happiness with each box; whether it’s gifting a box of happiness to your loved ones, marking a joyous occasion or treating yourself to that extra delight and luxury you deserve.

We offer bespoke macarons made in almost any colour or flavour. If you have an upcoming event, we can help to design a selection or display of macarons to suit your needs. Check out our Bespoke page for more information.

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