What is a macaron?

A macaron (pronounced “mack-a-rohn”) is a French delicacy made of a sweet, creamy filling sandwiched between two almond-flour and meringue-based shells. Macarons have smooth tops with ruffled “feet”: the rough, delicate, lacy fringe that runs around the edges of the shells. 

The perfect macaron should have a crunchy outer shell, a slightly chewy centre and a generous filling bursting with flavour. 

How long will my macarons stay fresh for?

Our macarons stay fresh for around 7 days on receipt when stored in the refrigerator, although for the best texture and flavour experience, you will need to allow your macarons to come up to room temperature before eating

I’m worried my macarons will break in transit. How will you ensure that they arrive in one piece? 

We have worked tirelessly on our packaging to ensure that your macarons are packaged securely and will arrive intact. Macarons are shipped in a blister pack designed to protect each individual macaron and stored in our presentation box which is carefully wrapped in protective packagaing to ensure minimal impact to the product.

We cannot promise however that our packages won’t be mishandled by couriers and so cannot 100% guarantee that every macaron will arrive to you without damage. We will always do our best to handle any queries you may have on your delivery, but take pride in knowing that hundreds of our customers have received their macarons in pristine condition.

Will my macarons stay fresh through the shipping process?

We package our macarons with great care and ship our products on targeted next day delivery service to ensure that they arrive to you as fresh as possible. 

What ingredients do you use in your macarons?

All Khushi Macarons are made with free-range eggs, almond flour and sugar, and are are all generously filled with high-quality Belgian Chocolate ganaches. 

What allergens do I need to be aware of in your macarons?

All of our macarons are gelatine-free and alcohol-free (unless otherwise stated in a seasonal menu) but do contain eggs, dairy and nuts.

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